Elegant Etiquette

Your home for anything and everything etiquette! Learn elegant etiquette from what to wear to how to eat and back to how to taste, everything is covered here.

Elegant Etiquette:

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Etiquette is something that can be used daily in many, many situations. Having the right dining manners is absolutely essential to not only making a good impression but also being polite. People will be very thankful you have the right manners and will look up to you with respect if you display a manner of awareness that is required for proper dining settings. You may have the nicest suit or dress but if you’re not aware of proper etiquette those things will be irrelevant.

Knowing which clothes to wear in what setting will relieve you of much stress and worry. You have enough to think and worry about with the job or dinner or whatever setting it is. Don’t let your lack of dress knowledge get in the way of you being confident and classy.

Alcohol is complex; truly understanding how to taste each kind takes some consistent steps. Here you will find a process for just about every kind of alcohol you can use to have a great taste testing. Learn little facts along the way like the difference between Champagne and sparkling wine.